Murmansk Regional Puppet Theater

Russia, Murmansk

The founder of the children's theater in the Polar region was Leningrad actor Viktor Alexanrovich Podobedov. With a group of talented young enthusiasts, he came to the city of Khibinogorsk (now Kirovsk) and organized the Khibinogorsk Theater of the Small Spectator (TEMZ) on August 21, 1933. The first performance of the new theater was “Ivashka-batrachonok”.

In 1940, the theater received the status of a regional one and became the Murmansk regional puppet theater.

During the Great Patriotic War, actors performed in hospitals, evacuation centers, units and subunits of the Karelian Front armies, on ships of the Northern Fleet. In 1944, all participants of the performances and anti-fascist programs of the Murmansk Puppet Theater were awarded the medals "For the Defense of the Soviet Polar region" by the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, and the Supreme Commander I. V. Stalin declared gratitude to the theater.

The Ministry of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Health awarded the team Honorary diplomas "For the patronage work in the Armed Forces" and "For the care of the wounded."

On December 3, 1949 by the decision of the Murmansk Regional Executive Committee, the puppet theater is transferred from Kirovsk to the regional center -  Murmansk.

1972 was a significant year for the theater team and a major event in the cultural life of the city and region: the puppet theater of Murmansk found stationary premises at the address: Sofia Perovskoy str., 21a.

The team of the Murmansk Puppet Theater has become widely known in the country.

The international prestige of the Northern puppeteers has significantly grown.

Murmansk Puppet Theater held the III International Puppet Theaters Festival of the Barents Region (2001), and according to feedback from native and foreign colleagues, the festival was held at the highest organizational and artistic level.

The team represents Russia at prestigious international theater forums and wins honorary and well-deserved awards: International Jury Diploma for the play “Wings of Thumbelina” at the festival of children's theaters in Serbia (2003), II place and “Silver Knight” for the play “Crane feathers "at the festival “Golden Knight” in Minsk, 2005

In 2011, the theater again hosts guests from the Nordic countries at the VIII International  Puppet Theaters Festival of the Barents Region.

Murmansk Regional Puppet Theater successfully implements projects to show its performances in remote cities and villages of the Kola Peninsula, actively participates in the federal program “Big Tours”, in which there are numerous exchange tours with many theaters from other cities of Russia.

The best directors and artists of our country work in our theater.

The theater does not stop at what has already been achieved and tries to always be interesting to its audience.

In 2019, the Murmansk Puppet Theater became the nominee of the 25th National Theater Award “Golden Mask” with the play “Angel”.

Over the years, the activity of the theater has significantly expanded - the number of performances has increased, as well as the interest in the theater among Murmansk spectators. In the early 2000s, there was a serious question about providing the theater with its own separate building. As a result of years of searching for suitable premises, in 2012 the governor of the Murmansk region decided to transfer the building of the former Murmansk garrison House of Officers to the puppet theater. At the moment, a major overhaul of the building at Lenin Str. 27 is at an active pace. We hope very much that we will meet the new creative season of 2020 within the walls of the new building of  Murmansk Regional Puppet Theater.