Dockteater Amusé

Sweden, Stockholm

«Dockteater Amusé» is a puppet company based in Stockholm, Sweden, founded in 2008. Head of the department of wounders and poetic wisdom is Ellinor Werner Nordlund.

The group focuses on different collaborations with musicians, composers, puppeteers and actors. Some of the shows are solo performances, one actor with puppets and props on stage. The plays are mainly based on new materials, written for the stage and addressed to children. The plots are concerning topics that has a philosophic and poetic quality. Puppets on strings are often in use. The company puts up ambient theatre in different social areas and in different locations, such as preschools, schools, libraries, consert halls, outdoor stages, hospitals and museums.

Performances often connect with issues such as as friendhip, time and loneliness. «Dockteater Amusé» has got a positive response from the young audience and their adult companions. There are many ways to interpret the dramas on different levels, depending of your own life experiences and references. The poetic and artistic sensability of the performances open up for a discussions on how you handle your life, a small world connecting with the bigger world outside.