Kattas Figurteater Ensemble

Norway, Tønsberg

Katta’s Figurteater Ensemble is independent puppet theatre in Toensberg in Norway. The ensemble engages many of the foremost puppet theatre artists outside of the institutionalised field and undertakes active recruitment to this theatrical form.

Katta’s formal language is puppet theatre combined with art of movement and music. The relationship between puppeteer and puppet is continuously explored as an artistic vehicle. This is reflected in productions such as io (2001) – a wordless dramatisation of a Norwegian strip cartoon, Bodies in Motion (2004) – in which fine artist Kjartan Slettemark’s ”Body Sculptures” are torn down from the gallery wall and animated, and Ariel (2005) in which the poetic, literary images of Swedish author, Göran Tunström’s novella are transformed into visual, stage pictures.

In our most recent productions, we have been particularly concerned with puppet theatre’s traditional role as a popular theatre form. In the Shostakovitch opera The Priest and his servant Balda (2007) we employ the humour and slapstick of animated film and traditional mime, and in our productions involving The Old Grey Men (2008-10) we are endeavouring to build up a gallery of consistent role types such as may be found in popular puppet theatre and commedia dell´arte. In our performance, Askeladden and the100 helpers (2010), we worked specifically with Norwegian popular culture. In addition to this, we investigate the relationship with the audience and try out different types of audience involvement. We have also started to explore the religioses meaning of puppet. We made the church performance Rotswitha in 2012. And now in 2017 we have a big success in churches with the performance Katharinas Voices.

Website: http://www.kattas.no/