"The town in a Snuffbox"

Author: Vladimir Odoevsky

Stage director: Svetlana Dremacheva

Scenographer: Elena Belykh

Composer: Alexander Balayan

Choreography: Asiya Gorbacheva

Actors: Daria Sarycheva, Anna Luzhetskaya, Sergey Shamamyan, Vladimir Rudnev, Grigory Vakhrushev, Honored Artist of the Voronezh Region Elena Kiseleva

Playing time: 1 hour

Age limit: 6+

The play has mastered a new genre of stage art, this is a synthesis of puppet theater and animation with musical and choreographic components.
Specially for the performance the honored artist of the Voronezh region, composer Alexander Balayan had written the music. Dances were staged by Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation Asiya Gorbacheva. The play involves an articulated giggling puppet - this is the main character of the fairy tale called Misha. The remaining roles are played by actors in a "living" plan.