"Little tragedies"

P. Vasiliev based on A.S. Pushkin writing “Little tragedies”

Premier: 6 June 2019

Stage director: Petr Vasiliev

Scenographer: Alevtina Torik

Composer: Nikolay Morozov

Actors: Sergey Repin, Tamara Lashina, Ekaterina Efremova, Denis Saveliev, Denis Dmitriev, Liliya Fedosenko, Ivan Pesnev, Ekaterina Dmitrieva.

Age limit: 12+

Playing time: 1 hour 45 minutes

In June 2019, was 220 years since the birth of A.S. Pushkin. By this date, the Murmansk Regional Puppet Theater prepared the play “Little Tragedies”, which included all four dramatic scenes: “The Miserly Knight”, “Mozart and Salieri”, “The Stone Guest” and “A Feast in Time of Plague”. The directors decided to make the tragedies literally “small”, reducing them to a puppet format and reducing the classic text somewhat so that the duration of the action was no more than an hour and a half.

Tragedies are presented in four different doll systems. For example, “Miserly” - played by glove puppets, like a parsley balagan performance, and received a genre subtitle “tragifars”. Mozart played the marionette, controlled by the threads from above, which emphasized the divine nature of his talent. In “The Plague”, the dolls are made as cover with straw.

There is a live musical accompaniment at the performance, the actors play on the old instruments: lauda and rebeck.