"Miracle in feathers"

Stage director,  developer of theatrical effects and puppet mechanics: Petr Vasiliev

Premier: 22 December 2018

Scenographer: Alevtina Torik

Composer: Petr Makarov

Actors: Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Pyankov, Sergey Repin, Tamara Lashina, Denis Dmitriev, Ekaterina Efremova, Maria Bogdanova.

Age limit: 6+

Playing time: 50 min.

Broadway musical on the scale of a small puppet world, tricks and dizzying stunts that amaze viewers.

In such decorations, will be played the story of a kind and honest elephant, which turned out to be a participant in a circus program.

Despite the abundance of effects, it is a very instructive and touching story about the importance of promises and the value of your own principles.