The author: A. Zabolotny

Stage director: A. Zabolotny

Scenographer: A. Sevbo

Actors: Vitaly Ivashnev, Nikolai Zubrilin, Julia Zubrilina, Raisa Ivanova, Valery Boldanyuk, Natalia Nelasaya.

Age limit: 6+

Playing time: 50 min.

It seems now that the puppet "Faust" is a somewhat extravagant idea. But once a puppet "Faust" was an ordinary thing. Hectical life of Dr. Faust in art began with puppet theater. Vagarious artists toured the medieval European cities with performances "The wonderful and sad stories of Dr. Faust". The Faust of the Pskov Puppet Theater is designed that way so it can be shown to viewers of any age.

Together with Dr. Faust, you descend to the depths of the sea, ascend to heaven, watch chemical experiments. Mephistopheles, moving the doctor up and down, demonstrates his almost limitless possibilities. However, the performance proves that the jokes with Mephistopheles are bad idea. Dr. Faust sold his soul and lost love. The performance makes the spectator to empathize, and to laugh, and think about what is really important in our life.