"Vov! Vad var det jeg sa!" ("WOFF! What did I say!")

The author: Ellinor Werner Nordlund

Stage director: Ellinor Werner Nordlund

Scenographer: Ellinor Werner Nordlund

Actors: Ellinor Werner Nordlund

Playing time: 30 min.

Age limit: 0+

Language: Swedish, English

A yellow ball like a sun, made to play with but thrown away, is found in the garbage room. This is the beginning of a growing friendship between a little boy, Gusten, and the poodle dog Esmeralda. Gusten has to carry the garbage out everyday, otherwise he doesn’t get his weekly allowance from neither his father nor his mother. But Gusten is afraid because he thinks there are ghosts in the garbage room. The garbage room holds abandoned things that nobody cares for any longer. Like an old-fashoned telephone that reminds him of the telephone his grandpa used to have. Maybe there is a connection?

”Gusten calling heaven! Can you hear me?”

But there is no answer …

In the basement there is an invisible cleaning woman. She is dressed like a piece of the wall behind. She knows everything about the people living in the house. She can see and hear everything without being noticed. And with her invisible help Gusten finds a new friend. Even what is not visible can be real through fantasy and imagination, and in the last part of the performance, Gusten and his new-found friend – the circus dog Esmeralda – gives a circus performance for Gusten’s mum and dad, and children in the neighbourhood.