"Mer enn ti tommelvotter" ("More than then thumbs")

The author: Helgesen/Shakespeare/Dahl and many more

Stage director: Hallgjerd Birkeland/Sissel Helgesen

Scenographer: Howard Lloyd

Actors: Anne Helgesen

Playing time: 40 min.

Age limit: 0+

 Language: English          

“More than ten tumbs” is a story about Tanta Beate and her teddy bear, Obstfelder. They live in a small yellow house. Tanta collects and adds words: old and new, strange and rare, because such words can become poems, rhymes and stories that she can tell the public. She uses words from the works of William Shakespeare, Sigbjørn Obstfelde, André Bjerke, Ragnar Hovland, Roald Dahl, Arild Nyquist and many others. Poems are transformed into small performances with puppets emerging from the big Tanta’s coat. Surprises don't stop while the show lasts.