Festival history

The first festival was held in 1999 in Kalix, Sweden. The organiserr of the festival were Marina and Erling Lund. Russia was presented by the Murmansk Regional Puppet Theater with performances "Who made a farce?" And "The Sami tale".

The participants of the first festival decided that the festival would not be competitive. The most important thing is that professional and non-professional theaters of the Euro-Arctic Region can meet, communicate, exchange creative experiences and learn from each other.

The symbol of the festival was the Polar Owl.

It was also decided that the geography of the festival will cover all the countries of the Barents Region and the place of the next festival will be determined at the previous one.

The II festival was held in 2000 in Finland, Rovaniemi. Among the organizers of the festival were representatives from Finland: Ritva Imporanta, Leila Peltonen and Pirkko Saironen. Murmansk Regional Puppet Theater was again represented by performance "Who made a farce?".

The III festival was held in 2001 in Murmansk, Russia. The organizer of the festival was the Murmansk Puppet Theater. The festival was attended by 13 theaters from Russia, Sweden and Finland. Festival viewers had a chance to watch 16 performances.

The IV Festival was held in 2003 in Oulu, Finland. The organizer was the Akseli Klonk Theater. Murmansk Regional Puppet Theater performed the play “Crane Feathers”.

The V Festival in 2005 returned to the Swedish city Kalix. The Murmansk Regional Puppet Theater performed the play "Tabula Rasa".

The VI Festival in 2007 hosted the city of Petrozavodsk. The organizer is the State Puppet Theater of the Republic of Karelia. The festival was attended by 14 theaters from Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Estonia. Murmansk puppeteers again presented the play "Tabula Rasa".

The VII festival in 2009 again was held in Oulu, Finland. Murmansk regional Puppet Theater performed the play "The giving tree".

The VIII festival, was again held in Murmansk in September 2011. Within five days 18 theater companies from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Russia performed 21 plays. In the festival program also were two animation films "Reef" and "Metro", directed by Eric Steestra from the Netherlands. Murmansk Puppet Theater held master classes. There also was special meetings with Helveig Torlacius from Reykjavik, Anne Helgesen from Norway, Margarita Selander from Sweden, Johanna Peltonen from Finland.

Murmansk Regional Puppet Theater presented two new performances “Flying Sofa” and “Kurt and the Fish”.

Within the framework of the festival, were performances “Nightingale” (The Volgograd Regional Puppet Theater), “Treasures of the Good dwarf” (Saransk City Children's Theater and Cinema Center “Kroshka”), “Kashtanka” (Voronezh State Theater of V.A. Volhovskiy “Shut”), "Mishuk or The tale about a naughty baby bear" (The Vologda Regional Puppet Theater “Teremok”), "Brother Fox & Brother Rabbit" (The Moscow State Regional Puppet Theater), "Petrushka’s Adventures" (The Petrushka Theater “Papiemashenniky”, St. Petersburg) , play "Teremok" (The State Puppet Theater of the Republic of Karelia), "The Divine Comedy" ((The Children's Theater School, Murmansk).

Foreign participants of the festival showed performances: ““The World’s smallest Giant” ((The Pocket Theatre, Iceland), ““Doll’s House” and “The Aslak Path” (Katta’s Figurteater Ensemble) “The Planet and its Secret” (Puppet Theater “Månstjärnan”, Sweden), “Oruk” (Anna Leyman, Sweden), “Kurkvaak! – Oh So Froggy” (Johanna Peltonen, Finland), “The Cask of Amontillado” (Theatre Airopik, Finland), “Taste of life” (PROtotyypit, Finland), “Into the Kingdom of Peer Gyn” (Kulturproduksjoner, Norway), “Fish in the Forest” and “Fun on Wheels” (Akseli Klonk, Finland).

The festival was held by the Murmansk Regional Puppet Theater with the support of the Murmansk Regional Government and the Nordic Council of Ministers.